How Will Your Prints Reach You? 

In order to avoid damage, we take great care to ship your print.  All shipping is done through USPS Priority unless the package, as in large frames, exceeds the limit of weight, in which case we'll use UPS of Fed Ex..  We will use your provided information to notify you of the shipping status.  

Due to risk of crushing and bending, all prints are shipped rolled in a tube, according to fine art guidelines, and are inserted into another tube. We recommend the use of a framer, but if you prefer to do it your self, we recommend that you do not roll prints back in order to flatten.  Please allow that to happen naturally by placing the print on a table and weighing the corners with clean weights.  

We perform all shipping and packing duties in studio and are happy to spend the extra time to insure the safety of the package. 

Shipping outside the US is done through different carriers depending on their tax policy in the country of destination.  Some countries levy import taxes on the recipient, and we like to try to minimize those.  Please get in touch if you have any questions that are particular to your order!